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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Google takes Blogger to an Australian domain

Notice how Blogger or Blogspot now redirects to the Australian domain name equivalent?
While I am all for all the other cool changes that have been pushed through such as new layout, location in posts, scheduling posts and more great stuff I haven't yet found.
One thing I am disappointed in is my pagerank is gone :(
I know it will eventually come back, but you would think that Google in their wisdom would be able to pass on this pagerank? Especially to the people who have supported their products.
While I am still listed in Google as the coolest guy on Google (under the old URL), will this be updated and have a negative affect? Most likely yes.
I will be watching this closely.
Unfortunately, I have had few Google related issues of late. Issues with Adwords in particular.
Pretty disappointed with their lack of human support. It feels that Google has got too big, they no longer have the time for us anymore. If you make a mistake in Adwords you get a warning pointing you to around 22 policies. I made dozens of changes but kept getting the same response until they suspended my Adwords.
The annoying thing was that I was mainly setting up ads to train up for the Adwords certification.
Well that's one product of Google's I will no longer recommend.
Recently I have even had a site removed from Google search due to a quality issue I am having trouble understanding. Spent my whole weekend cleaning up the site and removing user submitted spam etc. just to get another rejection a few weeks later.

It is a shame that my experience with a couple of divisions of Google have soured my once strong support for Google. Maybe when Google Drive is introduced this week my faith will be restored?

Time will tell.


  1. UPDATE: My post is now on Google, but the old URL is still present. Will have to award one brownie point back to Mr. Google ;)

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