OK, here's the deal. I am not cool. Everyone that knows me will vouch for me!
The purpose of this blog is more of an experiment, to turn an uncool and very unsociable individual
into the coolest guy on the Google search engine with help from social networking web sites.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Save time with the Coolest internet tools around

I have just discovered http://ping.fm/ - A very powerful tool!

What is ping.fm? It is a feed management tool to allow you to send status updates to multiple sites. This means you can integrate your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Friendfeed and much more, in one handy location.

Use with caution. There may be some places you don't want to update. For example, this post was a one line update from ping.fm, which prompted me to write a new post ;)

While I am still far off being a ping.fm Jedi master, I can see this site will have some huge benefits to me as I am setting up so many social networking site profiles with little time to send updates to them.

Another favorite time saver I have for Twitter is Twaiter! It is a brilliant way to schedule your tweets. Now I can tweet even in my sleep, reaching followers all around the world.

You can set up your tweet and choose to schedule it daily, weekly, monthly, yearly at any time you want!

These are both sites that would have great benefits to business and they are both absolutely free! Check them out today.