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Monday, March 28, 2011

Not happy Jan!!! (Dux Hot Water)

I don't normally come here to vent, but I just got off the phone to a nice lady from Dux, who informs me that my Dux SUNPRO Gas 305 Solar Water Heater that seems to have a burnt out thermostat is no longer covered by warranty.

The original thermostat was replaced under warranty mid December 2008 after being in our new house for a year.

Ok, so we got a few years out of it, but should they burn out so frequently?

My girlfriend rang the plumber that Dux put us on to and was told that they should definitely NOT need to be replaced that often and that the unit has a computer which possibly could be also faulty as it synchronizes the solar and gas power.

I spoke to someone at Dux and they were very polite and keep their cool, even while dealing with this difficult customer. After I got around to explaining what the plumber said, and how I disappointed I was. When they replaced the first thermostat, the computer should have also been checked or replaced?

That's when I got a reaction from the lady! She became quite angry that the plumber said this. She claims the information was inaccurate and that he shouldn't have said that.

Hmm, he probably is more qualified to answer that than some lady from the Dux complaints line!

Later I got a call back. They had to ring this plumber and find out what he told me which apparently I got the story completely wrong as HE is PAID by Dux to give biased views of Dux hot water services, so he would never make up some story about a magically syncing computer that may or may not exist!

Anyone else have issues with Dux? Post them below. Or on one of the other sites full of disillusioned customers!
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If you are a representative of Dux, I would be happy for a response, however, I wouldn't expect one!