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Friday, August 26, 2011

Coolest Blogs on the internet

Blogging seems to be a major part of SEO these days so I thought I would list my favorite blogs in order of how useful I found them.
  1. Wordpress: This is hands-down the best blogging platform on the internet. Pages seem to get listed in Google straight away! If you need a blog, go for a Wordpress blog. Site Popularity in Alexa - 18
  2. Blogger/Blogspot: Great Blog with plenty of extra features. I found it came up second best compared to Wordpress though. Site Popularity in Alexa - 5
  3. Tumblr: This would have been number 2, but over the last two years it has become quite slow. Site Popularity in Alexa - 45
  4. Posterous: Great concept. You can update your blog be sending an email. However, the search engines seem to ignore it. Site Popularity in Alexa - 472
  5. Live Journal: Good for SEO but a little limited in what you can do with it. Site Popularity in Alexa - 81
  6. Typepad: Too early to tell. After three days my first post is still not listed in Google, very limited in what you can do. Site Popularity in Alexa - 201

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