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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Howie's IM Remarkable 10 day challenge

Step 1: Picking my niche

I decided to pick diabetes as my niche as my work recently sent me to a seminar on the subject. Still armed with my slideshow presentation notes, I feel I can get a good three articles up before the IM Remarkable challenge finishes.

Now I have started a few days later than most, so my strategy is to get a great unused domain name that I should be able to get in the top spot for that natural search.

Step 2: Keyword Research

In a recent Marketing seminar I attended, James Schramko recommended Google Insights. This 100% free tool is fantastic for exploring keyword options.

I tried a number of search queries, but eventually found one that I could get a top level domain name for. The domain name I purchased was http://educationfordiabetes.com which was on the top of the list for my niche using the keywords “education” and “diabetes”. Also the phrase “education for diabetes” appeared in the top rising searches, so this domain name could also be quite valuable in the future.

A Google search confirmed that I have a popular phrase and a lot of competition, 27,800,000 to be exact. But I still think I can get it to the top in the next 5 days!

This is what currently comes up when I type “education for diabetes” into the Google search engine before my cool site was designed and launched.

Step 3: Site Setup

There were a few steps involved for this project:

  • Purchase the domain name
  • Connect the domain name to my hosting account
  • Install Joomla Content Management System
  • Install additional Joomla extensions for search engine optimization
  • Added a custom site template to go with the image I am trying to create

Step 4: Articles

This would have to be my toughest challenge as I am more into the technical side of websites. From my keyword research I found a few common searches that I would try to include in the article titles. These words were “Diabetes Symptoms”, “Facts about Diabetes” and more of a niche of my niche, “Diabetes Wound Care”.

Hey, I just thought of another good one “Free Diabetes Software”!

I also chose to add a few existing free articles from http://www.articlesbase.com/ to boost my content and to make up for my lack of writing talents!

Now that I have a bit of content, it is really starting to shape up!

Step 5: Spicing it up!

Today I have been busy! Modified the template a bit and and added some free royalty free pictures to spice up my site a bit. Got my free diabetes images from here
http://www.sxc.hu/ Next a bit of technical stuff to let everyone know where to find me:
  • Metatag verifications in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Sitemap creation
  • Submit sitemap to major three search engines
  • Auto submit web to search engines
  • Social bookmarking etc.
The site is starting to look hot! Still has a few blank areas that will be filled with PPC over the next couple of days.

Step 6: Money, Money, Money

Just set up an Amazon shop for my site! The products are directly related to my niche subject, diabetes. I have included all sorts of cool items like Books, DVD's and Magazines related to diabetes!

Check it out here: http://educationfordiabetes.com/index.php/Diabetes-Products.html

A bit more site promotion, and I can kick back and wait for the money to come in ;)

Step 7: The waiting game

Ok, normally I allow two weeks to get most of my pages in Google. I haven't left myself much time! I have one page on Google, but waaaaayyyyy down on the list!

While there is still plenty of time left, I am not sure if Google will come to the party! Time to get a little help from my old friend Google Adwords.

I have put $10 for one day (Ooooh! $10! Last of the big spenders) in the hope some extra clicks might speed up indexing my pages in Google.

Thinking back, I think the key mistakes I made on this challenge were judgment errors. I spent more time on the building of the site than the content. By using the free articles it did not win me many favors with Google! Had I put more original content, I believe I could have had more pages indexed by now.

Still, it has been a great learning curve for me. Regardless of the challenge outcome I would like to emulate my site's formula across the other 35 niches! This is more of a long term project, maybe one website a month.

I have attached my most recent Google Analytics data for you all to see my progress. It looks quite promising. Google Analytics Data.

Don't forget to check out my site also, not much to be done and quite a professional looking site for a few hours spanned over a couple of days! http://www.educationfordiabetes.com

Step 8: Race to the End

Now I am lest than optimistic about receive that top rank as the hours melt down, however, I still think in a few more day's that this site will be a great little money maker!

I may have lost the IM Remarkable battle, but I am confident I can win the war.

Tonight I have added a hub to Hub Pages. Probably should have done this much earlier, but time got away from me. I was surprised just how easy it was. Wont hold back next time, love the affiliate integration with Hub pages, it's fantastic!

Here is my Hub: http://hubpages.com/hub/Education-for-Diabetes

Now on to Squidoo: http://www.squidoo.com/education-for-diabetes

Here is my latest Google Analytics, showing some promise!

Challenge Summary

Well, the challenge is well and truly wrapped up by now, but now I am armed with a head full of new ideas and ways I can do it better in the future.

I had a bit of success in Google and Bing, but not for my natural search words. I know I will get there soon, the only way is up! Looking forward to starting a new site soon from Howie's 10 Extra Niches book!

Looking forward to seeing how everyone else will go now that the challenge is over. I feel like a magician with a full bag of tricks, ready to jump head first into niche markets I have absolutely no prior knowledge on. The more difficult the challenge I set, the greater personal reward!

Thank you Howie, Thank you IM Remarkable,
Jeremy Huggins (Jezhug)


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