OK, here's the deal. I am not cool. Everyone that knows me will vouch for me!
The purpose of this blog is more of an experiment, to turn an uncool and very unsociable individual
into the coolest guy on the Google search engine with help from social networking web sites.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Overlooking the obvious

All my work on building profiles and I forget the most obvious profile of all!


It wouldn't be fair of me to be the Coolest Guy on Google and not have a Google profile now, would it?


With Google profiles, you can add as many of your websites as you want!

What does this mean? Back links! Beautiful, beautiful, back links, leading back to your website.

Now, because it is a Google profile, I feel it will be included in Google's search engine in no time at all.

Time will tell though. Will keep you posted.

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