OK, here's the deal. I am not cool. Everyone that knows me will vouch for me!
The purpose of this blog is more of an experiment, to turn an uncool and very unsociable individual
into the coolest guy on the Google search engine with help from social networking web sites.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Coolest Guy in Melbourne for SEO

Wow! It has been a while since my last post on a two week challenge to become the "Coolest guy in Australia". I managed to crack the first page holding positions 7, 8 and 9, with minimal effort!
I have learned quite a lot from my search engine experiments which has lead me to quite a lot of SEO gigs around Australia.
Unfortunately it hasn't given me much time to blog as often as I would like to, but I love the challenge of taking on a new SEO project and getting results.
I am currently, between other projects, working on promoting three websites for a party planning company in Melbourne. There is a good spread of competition, but I know the odds are in my favour, thanks to a secret weapon I have. Can't give away too much just yet, but once I achieve number one rankings for the clients keywords I will post an update. But for now here are the sites I am working with:
Can't wait for winter to be over! The Coolest guy on Google, is currently also the Coldest guy on Google! ;)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coolest guy in Australia (update)

Well, it's day 2 into my two week challenge and things seem to be going well.

I am currently on page three of Google for the search term "Coolest guy in Australia" (minus the quotes"). Not bad for a day, but I am looking for real results!

One thing that was missed in my previous post, is that Google LOVES keywords in the URL. Unfortunately blogspot ran out of room and cut Australia off the end of the URL! So this post is a bit of an addition to the first one with some cool tips for rating high in the search engines.

Having broken down keywords in the URL rates highly in Google, so it is no wonder why most SEO software for content management systems use URL re-writing to change something like www.website.com/index.php?post=213 to the title, such as www.website.com/index/coolest-guy-in-australia.html.

This is a good way to get around if you don't have a domain name with the keywords you are trying to promote. Sure it helps .... it helps a lot! But it's not the end of the world if you cant secure that keyword rich domain.

If you couldn't get www.coolestguyinaustralia.com, you could always get another name and set up some pages with these keywords e.g. www.otherdomain.com/coolest-guy-in-australia.html

Coolest Heading in Australia?

WTF? That heading doesn't even make sense? The point of this lesson, is that Google also LOVES Heading tags. Headings to Google weigh more in the Google formula than if that sentence was without the heading tags.

So, to wrap it up for the day. To get a well placed page in Google:
  • Keywords in URL
  • Keywords in Heading tags
All the best, from your future coolest guy in Australia, Jezhug ;)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the NEW Coolest guy in Australia (Me!)

Setting myself a mini challenge. Not content with holding positions one, two and three for the natural search term "Coolest guy on Google". I now am setting myself a two week challenge to become the "Coolest guy in Australia".

I really feel that your old pal Jezhug can achieve this. How? Well Google already knows I am the coolest, but I forgot to tell the number one search engine that I am also Australian. Therefore by default I should be crowned the coolest guy in Australia also.

I am just going to rely on three techniques and allow two weeks to see if I am successful.
  1. Use of Blogspot labels, e.g. Coolest, guy, Google ..... Oh and of course Jezhug!
  2. 10 of the best "Coolest guy in Australia" backlinks I can find.
  3. A cool picture of the flag for Australia with good use of IMG ALT tags with the keywords ..... well you get the gist!coolest guy in australia, jezhug